Babylon 5 Wars Miniatures Sample Photos

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Ancients Mega Fleet (painted by Matt Murray)

Earth Hyperion (painted by L Goulding from Derbyshire, UK)

Narn Fleet (painted by Ray Ester)

Minbari Sharlin (painted by Peter Stone)

Drazi Fleet (painted by Terry Miesle)

Fleet Action Scale Preview Shots

These photos showcase the difference in size between the normal figure and its Fleet Action Scale equivalent. The FA-scale ships are generally one-piece items which will come 2 to a pack. The FA-scale fighters come 18 to a pack along with three stands and three of the round "platforms" they sit on. Each platform can hold up to 12 fighters, but is intended to hold 6 (the Fleet Combat Game in development will allow for formation benefits, so the arrangement of the fighters will have some significance). Note that you don't glue the fighters in the platform - they are supposed to be removed as they are destroyed, so the number of fighters in a flight or squadron will always be obvious on the board.

Earth Alliance Nova Dreadnoughts (painted by Terry Miesle):

Earth Alliance Shadow Omega (built and painted by Terry Miesle):

Narn Thentus Frigate & Dag'Kar Missile Frigate; Centauri Dargan & Altarian (Painted by Jeff Hiatt):

Narn G'Quan Heavy Cruiser & EarthForce Hyperion Cruiser (Painted by Terry Miesle):

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