(10/26/02) This is the final week for the B5W/FA/GROPOS sell-off and the orderly shutdown of AOG. We are providing this update to answer some of our most common questions as the clock ticks towards October 31. Please read this before emailing or calling. If you don't know about the shutdown, start reading here.

Is AOG really going out of business?

What's the last day/time I can place an order?

I heard a rumor you'll be lowering prices at the last minute to try to boost sales. Is this true?

I want to place a big last-minute order, but I don't have the money right now. Is there anything else I can do?

Will the web site stay up after the closing?

If I placed an order and it doesn't ship by the 31st, will it be lost?

I ordered some stuff from you on (fill in date here) and it hasn't arrived! Can I check on its status? 

What happened to the free supplements you said you'd provide? In particular, I want the ships from League-2 and later books in PDF format. Where can I download them?

Will there be any painted miniatures for sale?

Are there any other special items available?

The wall panels mentioned below (see the bottom of this page) are still around. I also found a few more Hardback Compendiums (signed by JMS) in mint condition. If any of you want them, please contact me privately with a bid. The top bidders by the cutoff will receive a copy. You will also be responsible for any freight charges.

Is there anything else you can give away before or after the contract ends? Art, files, unfinished works, damaged products, broken miniatures, anything?

I don't want to see your leftover products destroyed. Can I drive down on November 1st and load up any surviving material into my truck?

Will the prices of Turning Point or Snarfquest or Black Hills Terrain or Starsiege items be lowered any further due to AOG's closing?

Once again, AOG wishes to thank you all for your support over the years. We appreciate having had the opportunity to serve you and provide you with what we hope have been countless hours of enjoyment. Thanks for everything! --Agent One and the AOG Staff


(9/19/02) It is my sad duty to report that AOG's Babylon 5 contract has ended and will not be renewed. AOG held, to our knowledge, the last existing game license for B5. (Updated 9/24/02: Actually, we are now told, courtesy of JMS himself, that another gaming company has procured a license for a B5 RPG. Please don't email me asking for more information, as that is all I know at this point. When more details become available, they will be posted here.)

The contract officially concludes at the end of October. Until 10/31/02, AOG will continue to sell as much existing inventory as possible at discount rates. See our web site's mail order page for some spectactular deals, or email me privately if you wish to arrange a larger purchase. After October 31, anything left over in our warehouse will be destroyed per the letter of the contract. Individuals, stores, or distributors wishing to make purchases (either remotely or by visiting the office) before that time should contact me by email. Field Agents and freelancers will be given priority.

We here at AOG wish to thank you all for your patronage and support of the Babylon 5 Wars line and related products. Without you, we couldn't have gotten this far. Please don't be bitter or upset. We did the best we could and managed to keep the license as long as possible. We have no regrets. --Agent One

UPDATE 10/3/02

Several items are now out of stock permanently. These are: BW-123 Ships of the Fleet-2, BW-117 Showdowns-8, BW-172 Wars of the Centauri Republic, every Fleet Action Squadron Box except the Minbari Support Box (FA-2251), and all the GROPOS Company Packs except the EA Armored Cavalry (GP-5118). Don't panic, we are still making the individual miniatures available and will continue to do so up until the October 31 deadline! However, be advised that you might not receive these in actual blister packs, but more likely in individual bags. This should not be a problem unless you're planning to resell them, in which case contact us in advance. Oh, also, I have placed a couple of new Grab-Bag sets on the Package Deals page. If you just want a bunch of ships and don't care what they are, this is a good way to get them cheap!

Some Questions and Answers

Okay, seriously, why isn't the license being renewed?

Why didn't you tell us this before?

Did AOG do anything wrong to cause this to happen?

Is there anything I can do to save the contract?

So what happens to the B5 product line?

What are you selling your existing inventory for?

What about B5 products that were in the production pipeline for eventual release?

What exactly falls under the Babylon 5 contract?