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501101 TURNING POINT / FA2 MASTER RULES - Fleet Action moves to the next level! No longer dependent on Babylon 5, FLEET ACTION 2 includes rules for custom designed ships from ANY genre, show, or line! Build your own fleet from the ground up for whatever you like! The core book also includes its own setting, TURNING POINT, set 200 years in Earth's future as super-nations strive to control the solar system! This is the core release for the FLEET ACTION II game. All the rules necessary to run a game are provided. In addition, the background of the Turning Point setting is revealed, including a timeline of the past 200 years, technology data and basic information on the five major powers of the Solar System (Union of North Atlantic Nations, European Union, Korea-Japan Conglomerate, China-India Pact, and Concordat of South American Nations). Finally, a selection of ships is provided to allow players to learn the basics of the game. To cap this product off, an extensive construction system allows players to build the fleet of their dreams from the ground up. The core rules are sold in an unbound, drilled format designed for easy updating as new supplements are released. MSRP: $29.95





BW-121 RULES COMPENDIUM - This is a compilation of all the rules from our first eight products (the Core Rules, War of Retribution, Earth Wars, League of Non-Aligned Worlds-1, Shadow War, Showdowns-1 and 2, and Variants-1 and 2). All rules have been collected, revised, updated, and arranged for you in an easy-to-read 256-page manual complete with index. No more hunting through supplements looking for that elusive rule! Also includes several brand-new historical background sections on each of the races from the products listed above. These books do not include any ship data or scenarios, though ship descriptions and control sheets can be found in the companion volume, Ships of the Fleet (below).  MSRP: $34.95 NOTE: BW-150 and BW-151 (the Core Box and Core Rules set) are made obsolete by this product.

BW-122 SHIPS OF THE FLEET - The perfect companion to the Rules Compendium, this huge 300+ page manual includes all the rules and ship sheets from our first eight products (Core Rules, War of Retribution, Earth Wars, League of Non-Aligned Worlds-1, Shadow War, Showdowns-1 and 2, and Variants-1 and 2). Over 240 ships are included, and minor edits have been made to correct mistakes in the originals. Bundled with this book is a CD-ROM including PDF-format files for all ships in the book, so you can print them out at your leisure without needing to visit a copy machine! MSRP: $29.95

BW-123 SHIPS OF THE FLEET 2 - Over 350 pages of ships and ship descriptions, this compilation includes all units from everything published after SOTF1 (above) through October 2001: Dilgar War, Raiders and Privateers, Showdowns-3, Showdowns-4, Showdowns-5, Showdowns-6, Variants-3, Tactics Guide, and Wars of the Ancients. Includes updated ships where errors needed correcting, and of course you'll find a CD-ROM with over 250 ships available for your printing and modification pleasure! If you play B5 Wars and have a computer, this is a MUST HAVE! MSRP: $34.99

BW-152 REINFORCEMENTS: Additional counters and maps for either Babylon 5 Wars or Fleet Action! This product includes one of the blue 42x30 hex maps from the Core Rules Boxed Set, plus the four countersheets from the Core Rules, Earth Wars, and League-1, plus the long-awaited Second Edition color countersheet for the War of Retribution! Also included (while supplies last) is one random extra sheet from our massive stockpiles! MSRP: $19.95 **LIMITED QUANTITIES**

BW-102 MILITARIES OF THE LEAGUE (PART 1) - One of our most popular supplements, LEAGUE-1 features six minor races with some major weapons! The Drazi Freehold, Abbai Matriarchate, Brakiri Syndicracy, Vree Trading Guilds, Pak'ma'ra, and Gaim Intelligence each possess new and unique technology that adds a whole new element to the game. Each race has its own short fiction, background, history, ships, and rules. Includes full color rulebook, separate ship book, and color countersheet. MSRP: $24.95

BW-107 MILITARIES OF THE LEAGUE (PART 2) - Latest in the League of Non-Aligned Worlds series, this 96-page book does League-1 one better! Seven races, 46 new ships, and tons of new background and technology are included in this blockbuster product! The Hyach Gerontocracy, Cascor Commonwealth, Ipsha Baronies, Kor-Lyan Kingdoms, Torata Regency, Grome Autocracy, and Hurr Republic run the gamut from old and powerful to young and struggling - something for everyone will be found in this book! Each race includes fiction, background, history, technology, and at least six new ships and/or fighters. Two countersheets are included. (Upcoming releases Showdowns-7 and Variants-5 will support this product with new ships and rules.) MSRP: $19.95!

BW-172 WARS OF THE CENTAURI REPUBLIC - Hundreds of years before Babylon 5 was built, the Centauri Republic was known as the "Lion of the Galaxy," controlling dozens of worlds and dominating its region of space. While the people of Earth were still launching space shuttles, the Centauri fought a war with another Galactic power, the Orieni Imperium. Two starfaring nations could not be more opposite in their goals and politics, and conflict between them was inevitable from their first meeting. When the Orieni War finally began, it would change the face of the Galaxy forever! This book includes a complete history of that war, including backgrounds, maps, technology, and over 40 different ships used during the conflict. 92 pages. Showdowns-8 and Variants-6 will support this product. SOLD OUT!!

BW-106 COMING OF THE SHADOWS - The younger races have taken matters into their own hands, and are battling the First Ones head-on! Who will clench victory in the ultimate battle for the very future of the galaxy? Inside you'll find the most requested (and most powerful) ships to date from both the Shadow and Vorlon fleets, plus the Shadow-modified Omega and even the ships of the Ancient Ones! The final word in the battle between the Forces of Light and the Shadow threat! Includes full color rulebook, separate ship book, and color countersheet. MSRP: $24.95

BW-103 THE DILGAR INVASION - In February 2228, the Dilgar Imperium attacked and defeated the Alacans, a weak minor race struggling to make a place for itself in the Galaxy. This began almost five years of terror and war as the Dilgar swarmed through the League of Non-Aligned Worlds, conquering the weak and bombing those homeworlds they could not control. Only the intervention of the Earth Alliance turned the tide of battle and saved the Galaxy from the Dilgar menace. Read the complete history of the war, and fight the vicious Dilgar using the ships in this product! Also included are several new races not seen before - the Alacan Republic, Balosian Underdwellers, and Markab Theocracy - plus Dilgar war era ships for the Earth Alliance! This long-awaited product is a must have for all fans of Babylon 5! Includes full color rulebook, separate ship book, and color countersheet. MSRP: $24.95

BW-157 VARIANTS-1 - The first compilation of ship variants suggested by players and fans around the world! 37 variations on existing hulls, dozens of new rules and options, strange new weapons systems and much more, all crammed into a handy 48-page package. Variants-1 is the first in a series of essential tools to help make B5 Wars the most exciting space combat game ever! MSRP: $14.95 BACK IN PRINT - LIMITED COPIES REMAIN

BW-158 VARIANTS-2 - More ships, more weapons, more bases, more rules and options - more of what you demanded! Variants-2 features variations on over thirty League of Non-Aligned Worlds ships suggested by players and fans, as well as several new weapons and systems and even a few entirely new ship classes! Try your hand with Brakiri gravitic mines, Drazi grappling claws, and more! Includes ships from the Abbai Matriarchate, Brakiri Syndicracy, Drazi Freehold, Gaim Intelligence, Pak'ma'ra, and Vree Trading Guilds - the perfect companion to BW-102 (League-1)! MSRP: $14.95

BW-159 VARIANTS-3 - The Dilgar Invasion continues with this all-new set of variants of your favorite Dilgar era ships and fighters! This 48-page supplement includes over 35 new designs based on ships originally seen in THE DILGAR INVASION (BW-103) and elsewhere. Races represented include the Dilgar, Earth Alliance, Abbai, Brakiri, Vree, Markab, and Llort, plus a few extra surprises. As usual, most designs found herein were suggested by YOU, our loyal fans! So come check out the kind of variants people like you can dream up - and use them against your friends! MSRP: $14.95

BW-160 VARIANTS-4 - You demanded it, so we've made it for you - a brand-new book of ships from nearly every race in the game! This book has at least one ship from each of twenty different races, and includes command ships, scouts, light combat vessels, strike cruisers, carriers, escorts, patrol ships, assault transports, bases, defense satellites, fighters, and more! Includes such worthy vessels as the Abbai Nakarsa, Centauri Primus Maximus, Drazi Firefalcon, Brakiri Halos, Vree Tyllz, Dilgar Garasoch-D, Pak'ma'ra Pshul'tau, Balosian Athasa, and over thirty more in a neat 48-page package! No matter what race is your favorite, you're sure to find something to love in this supplement! MSRP: $14.95

BW-161 VARIANTS-5 - This Variants book focuses on the seven races introduced in BW-107, LEAGUE OF NON-ALIGNED WORLDS: PART 2 (the Hyach, Cascor, Ipsha, Kor-Lyans, Torata, Grome, and Hurr)! Includes a variety of different unit types for these races, such as command ships, scouts, escorts, auxiliaries, infiltrators, explorers, leaders, defenders, strike ships, fighters, and more! Examples include the Hyach Irokai Kal Command Gunship, Cascor Talacca Frigate Leader, Ipsha Surgesphere, Kor-Lyan Trylkan Ballistic Destroyer, Torata Dartoc Strike Cruiser, Grome Trokan Margus Command Flagship, and Hurr Martus Tech Frigate. 36 new ships in all! MSRP: $14.95

BW-110 SHOWDOWNS-1 - Another first in the B5 Wars universe, Showdowns-1 presents dozens of new scenarios to play out to the bitter end, as well as new civilian and Raider ships, Narn and Centauri orbital satellites, unique weapons, elite officers and more! Includes: Rules and options for mine warfare, a preview of Raider ships & fighters, enhancements (for ships, fighters, officers, and crew), and a variety of miscellaneous rules (such as cargo holds, C&C recovery, fighter critical hits, etc.) and terrains (asterois, planets, moons, gravity wells, hyperspace whirlpools, and more). Whether your gaming group is looking for some unconquered territory or you've just played one free-for-all too many, the Showdowns series will provide unlimited playability to a trusted game system! MSRP: $16.95

BW-111 SHOWDOWNS-2 - The second in the Showdowns series, Number Two contains new rules, options and control sheets for plenty of League fighters, breaching pods, legendary officers, ships, satellites, weapons, bases, mines, armed shuttlecraft and a whole lot more! Also includes the following new rules: shield projectors, gravitic lances, grav cannons, ranged fusers, jumping into combat, assigned fighter missions, partial turn initiative penalties, debris, and opportunity fire! An essential part of any die-hard player's collection, Showdowns-2 is destined to go down in history as the greatest expansion book ever published by man. No, really. Seriously. MSRP: $16.95

BW-112 SHOWDOWNS-3 - Third in the series, Number Three includes tons of rules, background and scenarios for more of your favorites from the Babylon 5 Wars universe! Included: new construction Earth Alliance ships (Warlock Advanced Destroyer, Cronos Attack Frigate, Delphi Advanced Scout, and Apollo Bombardment Cruiser), the Streib Collectors (an alien race bent on capturing and studying others), the Protectorate War (fought between the Minbari Protectorate and an aggressive Raider faction called the Imperial Star Legion), and the Kirishiac Lords (more ships and background for everyone's favorite Ancient race from the Shadow War supplement). Also included: the complete ELINT and Skin Dancing rules and a list of all changes and updates from the Rules Compendium and Ships of the Fleet! Yes, it's another fantastic supplement you can't do without! MSRP: $16.95

BW-113 SHOWDOWNS-4 - This issue of the Showdowns series is a follow-on to THE DILGAR INVASION (BW-103), the hottest new B5W product of 2000! With this book you can play the entire Dilgar War in scenarios, using over 20 different scenarios including the huge Final Battle at Omelos - a battle so big we had to break it into four parts! Of course, we couldn't do a book like this without ships, so you'll find more than 20 new vessels inside - such as Jha'Dur's personal Mishakur Dreadnought, and ships for the Abbai, Brakiri, Markab, Llort, and other races involved in the Dilgar War! And, as if we hadn't already packed enough cool stuff into one book, we've even added an entirely new race, the Descari Committees! How could you possibly live without this product? MSRP: $16.95

BW-114 SHOWDOWNS-5 - This latest chapter in the Showdowns series focuses on the War of Retribution. Included you'll find an intensely detailed history complete with maps, describing the War from start to finish at a level never before seen. Ten new Narn and Centauri ships and variants (such as Orieni-era mothballed Centauri hulls) are provided. There's also a new race (the Corillani Theocracy) who attempted to get involved in the War, complete with history, technology, and ships & fighters to enjoy. Play the entire Narn-Centauri War in scenarios, with over 25 different scenarios provided for your enjoyment! This is an ideal companion volume to the out-of-print BW-105 and BW-156, as it expands on the War of Retribution without duplicating any material found in those products! MSRP: $16.95

BW-115 SHOWDOWNS-6 - This entry in the Showdowns series focuses on the League Wars fought during the 2250s. Included are the Gaim Great Conquest March against the Descari, and Drazi attempts to invade Brakiri and Balosians. Rules for tactical campaigns are included, enabling players to design their own scenarios on the fly! A full suite of 38 new ships and fighters are provided for Balosian, Brakiri, Descari, and Gaim forces, such as the Balosian Lahas Command Cruiser, Descari Norva Gunboat, Gaim Laska Battlecruiser (a Centurion hull), and more! This one's not to be missed! MSRP: $16.95

BW-116 SHOWDOWNS-7 - This book is an ideal companion to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds-2 supplement (BW-107). It includes new ships, rules, officers, improvements, technology, and scenarios for the races in League-2, such as: new Hyach specialists, special Grome railgun shells, elite officers for a dozen races, and more! Ships include the enormous Cascor Qoccata Supercarrier and flexible Ipsha Scout Wheel, plus OSATs and bases for every League-2 race and a dozen other ships and units! As a special bonus, Showdowns-7 includes an entirely new race never before published: the Yolu! Highly advanced, the Yolu avoided the previous Shadow War. They are slow to anger, but extremely dangerous when'll see why when you get a look at their frightening ships and powerful technology! MSRP: $16.95



BW-109 RAIDERS & PRIVATEERS - This 96-page book includes information on not only the Raiders, but also the Belt Alliance (a civilian freight defense organization), Police Forces (for the Minbari, Abbai, Brakiri, Drazi, Pak'ma'ra, and Vree), and a new "pirate race," the Llort! Also provided are numerous civilian ships, such as freighters, tugs, barges, tankers, escorts, liners, and the like. We've also included rules and background material (plus a few ships) for several large Raider bands, such as the Indpendent Mercenaries League and the Tirrith Free State. Not to mention the usual assortment of scenarios, weapons, rules, and everything else you love about B5 Wars supplements! MSRP: $19.95

BW-170 B5W TACTICS GUIDE - Written by the experts, this book tells you everything you need to know to achieve victory in Babylon 5 Wars! From the most basic tactical gambling advice to fighter combat and fleet selection, the Tactics Guide is a must for new players and veterans alike. Includes specific tactics for nearly every ship in the game, along with race-specific essays for the Earth Alliance, Minbari Federation, Centauri Republic, Narn Regime, Dilgar Imperium, and more! Need to know what ships to buy for use against your foes? How to use those special weapons or maneuvers? What to do when facing those pesky League specialist races? This is the book for you! MSRP: $16.95

BW-173 WARS OF THE ANCIENTS - In Coming of the Shadows, we presented a brief description the five Ancient races, along with the lone ship they each brought to the final battle of the Shadow War. This book expands on that material, including new weapons, ships, technology, and background material to turn the Ancient Ones into a true force to be feared! Devastate your opponents by "scanning" them with Walker sensor charge transcievers...hammer them with Kirishiac phased gravitic torpedoes...surprise them with Torvalus transverse drives...crush them with the mental power of the Mindrider thought wave...even harness the power of Hyperspace with the Triad spatial cutter! We haven't forgotten the Shadows or Vorlons, either, including a few new ships and enhancements (such as the long-awaited rules for Vorlon "petals"). Everything you want to know about the Ancients - and much more - can be found in this 96-page book! MSRP: $19.95



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FA-1010 FLEET ACTION CORE RULEBOOK: Introducing the new Fleet Level Combat Game for B5, this full color book is 112 pages and includes all the basic rules you need to get started, plus the basic ships seen in the show. Build huge armadas and pit them against each other in a duel to the death! MSRP: $29.95

FA-1011 MY ENEMY...MY ALLY: The first supplement for Fleet Action focuses on the Earth Alliance and Minbari Federation, from their disastrous first encounter to the Earth Civil War and their eventual alliance. Included are all the ships from the Atlas of Earth Alliance Wars supplement of Babylon 5 Wars (such as the Artemis, Tethys, Avenger, and Poseidon on the Earth side, and the Neshatan, Torotha, Tigara, and Morshin for the Minbari), plus a few new ships never seen before - including the powerful Warlock Advanced Cruiser! $24.95

FA-1012 TO THE VICTOR...: The second Fleet Action supplement spotlights the ongoing feud between the Narn and Centauri, including the spectacular War of Retribution fought between the two races at the end of 2259. All the ships used in the war are spotlighted, such as the massive Octurion Battleship and Bin'Tak Dreadnought, as well as specialty units like the G'Karith, Dag'Kar, Dargan, and Maximus. Also includes background information on the war and extensive historical data on the Narn and Centauri races, plus rules for minefields, special officers, hexless movement, and semi-plotted movement! $24.95

FA-1013 OF ALIENS AND GIANTS focuses on the Shadows and Vorlons, including background material and all the rules needed to play these First Ones in your Fleet Action games! Also included are three of the League races - the Brakiri Syndicracy, Drazi Freehold, and Vree Guilds! 124 pages of Fleet Action fun! $19.95 NEW LOW PRICE!







GP-5010 GROPOS MASTER BOOK - Because YOU demanded it - Ground Combat in the Babylon 5 Universe is here! GROPOS (Ground Pounders) stand ready to begin their assault on outposts, cities, and planetary surfaces near you! Command tanks such as the Earth Odin, Minbari Chrystalis, Narn D'Va'Tren, and Centauri Hexus in your bid to overwhelm the enemy with raw, nail-biting firepower! Do anything a futuristic ground combat unit can do - call in orbital strikes, zip low over the ground in VTOLs, hide in dense urban areas, customize units with optional equipment and officers - and much more! The GROPOS Core Rules also serve as the entry point to the new MAXIM rules system, which will allow you to play ground battles in nearly any setting throughout history and beyond! AVAILABLE NOW! MSRP: $29.95

GP-5011 GROPOS EARTH ALLIANCE SUPPLEMENT - This 48-page book includes all the rules, background and unit data you'll need to fight enormous ground operations with the Earth Alliance! New units include the Valkyrie Gunship VTOL, Frey MLRS, and elite Special Forces infantry! Also includes statistics for entire companies of units such as the 270th Armored Cavalry and 416th Mechanized Infantry! If you're ready to pound the ground as an Earth Alliance trooper, this is the book for you! MSRP: $14.95

GP-5012 GROPOS MINBARI FEDERATION SUPPLEMENT - This manual provides all the background and other information any Minbari ground commander needs! The book focuses on two of the most famous Minbari clans, the Windswords, who prefer armor, and Star Riders, who are heavy on the infantry. Includes army lists for both clans, as well as a variety of new vehicles including the new Heavy Assault Tank - so big it's a platoon unto itself! New weapons such as the molecular pulse cannon and neutron laser are also provided. New units include the Falsin Self-Propelled Artillery, Fire Sprite Scout Transport, Shyriech Main Battle Tank, Talishan Heavy Infantry Transport, and Tal'Horcon Air Defense Artillery. If you want to find out what makes the advanced Minbari armies to be feared throughout known space, check out this book! MSRP: $14.95

GP-5013 GROPOS NARN REGIME SUPPLEMENT - For many decades the Narn people knew nothing but slavery under the yoke of the Centauri Republic. However, greed and complacency provided the Narn the opportunity they needed to win their freedom. Now, they defend their freedom using any measures they deem necessary. While one of the youngest of the star nations in the known galaxy, they quickly claimed their space and became a major force no one angered lightly. Includes new vehicles and infantry for the Narn Regime, orbital and air support data, new weapons systems, four sample companies, newly expanded background, and more! MSRP: $14.99 AVAILABLE NOW!











Note: The Snarfquest Basic Game and each Expansion Pack come with one miniature. Individual figures are sold separately by mail order only.

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The Drazi Sunhawk and Warbird are nearly identical miniatures. The Sunhawk, however, has a smooth engine piece (the entire aft section). In the painted sample shown here, this smoothed surface is painted with the glowing red-and-yellow mottling seen in the episode "Deathwalker." The Warbird, in contrast, has a cowling over the engine (see photo). Within the Babylon 5 Wars game, the Warbird is represented as a slightly smaller ship, with four particle cannons instead of particle blasters. It is also older, and is considered inferior to the Sunhawk. They do, however, exist in large numbers.

The Strikehawk is a Warbird hull with a launch catapult, attached to which is a single Sky Serpent super-heavy fighter. This fighter is represented directly on the figure with a tiny, non-removable Sky Serpent atop the catapult. It is otherwise identical to a Warbird. In the game, the Strikehawk is a Warbird without the main (forward) gun, this having been removed to make room for the catapult and not interfere with launch/recovery operations.