Babylon 5 Wars Fleet Action is a game of huge fleets. Whereas B5W is designed for a force of 3-15 ships in squadron level battles, Fleet Action pits huge armadas against each other in a fight to the finish! The following products will lead off this entirely new dimension in Babylon 5 Wars gaming:

FA-1010 FLEET ACTION: The fleet is now yours to command! Fleet Action is an entirly new rules system based in the Babylon 5 Wars universe that allows one player to command many squadrons of capital ships quickly and exily. Now fans of Babylon 5 can fight battles the way they appeared in the original TV show, with dozens and dozens of ships per side! NOW AVAILABLE! MSRP: $29.95

FA-1011 FLEET ACTION SUPPLEMENT #1 (MY ENEMY, MY ALLY): Every ship previously seen in the Earth Wars expansion pack, plus additional Earth and Minbari ships from Variants-1, will be represented in this massive first expansion to the all-new Fleet Action rules! NOW AVAILABLE! MSRP: $24.95

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