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Agents of Gaming Order AOG Products Online!

Babylon 5 Wars Centauri Republic Miniatures (Full Scale)

Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Paints, brushes, glue, etc. are not included.


Hello, you've found AOG's old online mail order page, now managed by me, Agent One! Although AOG has closed, I bought out most of its leftover inventory and continue to offer it for sale online.

YES, I'M STILL TAKING ORDERS! However, I outlasted AOG's old shopping cart provider, who went out of business on 31 January 2013! As a result, the online store was moved to the following location effective 1 February 2013:

Agent One's Online Sales Page

The new site is powered by Amazon, so I expect it'll be less likely to unexpectedly close. With Amazon handling sales, you can be completely confident of your online security when ordering. The new site should be much easier to navigate, more accurate with shipping charge calculations, and easier to use. Plus, you now order items individually instead of using the old blister pack configuration. So if you only want one Fleet Action ship, you only have to get one, not four or six or whatever the pack used to come with. Fighters can also be ordered on a stand-by-stand basis.

If for some reason it doesn't work for you but you'd still like to order, you can always email me by clicking here. I'm sure we can work something out.

Otherwise, enjoy the new store and have fun shopping!

Centauri Primus Battlecruiser

The primary warship of the Centauri Republic, the Primus mounts a powerful suite of battle lasers and twin arrays.


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Centauri Sentri Medium Fighters (3/pack)

These crescent-shaped fighters make excellent interceptors and anti-fighter elements. (Shown with BW-260)


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Centauri Vorchan / Demos

These heavy combat vessels pack a powerful punch and make excellent wolfpack ships. (The miniature can be used for both the Vorchan and Demos.)


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Centauri Dargan Strike Cruiser

This advanced ship is capable of disguising its appearance to resemble any other type of vessel, and also fields the Rutarian stealth fighter (BW-260).


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Centauri Covran Scout

Among the best scouts operated by the younger races, the Covran makes an excellent support element for any fleet.


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Centauri Octurion Battleship

The immense Octurion is designed for command duties and overwhelming firepower, and operates as the centerpiece of any fleet.



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Centauri Haven Patrol Boat

The small and maneuverable Haven is best in a police role or as a picket ship for the fringes of any fleet. NOTE: Now sold individually, not 2/pack.


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Centauri Kutai Gunship

The Kutai is armed with six matter cannons and is an excellent medium range combatant.


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Centauri Centurion Attack Cruiser

Despite its age, the Centurion is still preferred by many of the Centauri houses for its speed and agility in combat.


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Centauri Balvarin Carrier

These catamaran-like carriers bring plenty of Sentris to the battlefield, and some variants can even deploy the new Rutarians (BW-260).


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Centauri Altarian Destroyer

These older units are still used throughout the Republic for their fire support capabilities. (This miniature can also be used for the Gaim Suom.)


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Centauri Maximus Defense Frigate

This excellent defensive ship uses guardian arrays to protect more valuable ships from incoming fire.


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Centauri Rutarian Strike Fighters (3/pack)

These advanced fighters employ stealth designs to close to attack range on enemy ships. (Shown with BW-208)


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Centauri Mograth Frigate

These frigates can operate in a variety of roles, including attack, defense, and police missions.


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Centauri Sulust Escort Destroyer

These heavy combat vessels are the larger equivalent of the Maximus, and operate purely in a defensive role.


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Centauri Darkner Fast Attack Frigate

These attack gunships are armed strictly with heavy weapons, and tend to stick to medium and long ranges.


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Centauri Republic Fleet Box

This fleet box gives you an entire squadron of Centauri ships and fighters at a special price! Included are the following: 1 Primus Battlecruiser, 4 Vorchan Warships, and 2 Sentri Medium Fighters.


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Centauri Mega Fleet

This special offers a Fleet Box (above) plus one BW-248 (Octurion Battleship) at a huge bargain price!


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