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Fleet Action Rulebooks and Supplements


Hello, you've found AOG's old online mail order page, now managed by me, Agent One! Although AOG has closed, I bought out most of its leftover inventory and continue to offer it for sale online.

YES, I'M STILL TAKING ORDERS! However, I outlasted AOG's old shopping cart provider, who went out of business on 31 January 2013! As a result, the online store was moved to the following location effective 1 February 2013:

Agent One's Online Sales Page

The new site is powered by Amazon, so I expect it'll be less likely to unexpectedly close. With Amazon handling sales, you can be completely confident of your online security when ordering. The new site should be much easier to navigate, more accurate with shipping charge calculations, and easier to use. Plus, you now order items individually instead of using the old blister pack configuration. So if you only want one Fleet Action ship, you only have to get one, not four or six or whatever the pack used to come with. Fighters can also be ordered on a stand-by-stand basis.

If for some reason it doesn't work for you but you'd still like to order, you can always email me by clicking here. I'm sure we can work something out.

Otherwise, enjoy the new store and have fun shopping!

Fleet Action Core Rules

FA-1010 FLEET ACTION CORE RULEBOOK: Introducing the new Fleet Level Combat Game for B5, this full color book is 112 pages and includes all the basic rules you need to get started, plus the basic ships seen in the show. Build huge armadas and pit them against each other in a duel to the death!


My Enemy, My Ally

FA-1011 MY ENEMY...MY ALLY: The first supplement for Fleet Action focuses on the Earth Alliance and Minbari Federation, from their disastrous first encounter to the Earth Civil War and their eventual alliance. Included are all the ships from the Atlas of Earth Alliance Wars supplement of Babylon 5 Wars (such as the Artemis, Tethys, Avenger, and Poseidon on the Earth side, and the Neshatan, Torotha, Tigara, and Morshin for the Minbari), plus a few new ships never seen before - including the powerful Warlock Advanced Cruiser!


To the Victor...

FA-1012 TO THE VICTOR...: The second Fleet Action supplement spotlights the ongoing feud between the Narn and Centauri, including the spectacular War of Retribution fought between the two races at the end of 2259. All the ships used in the war are spotlighted, such as the massive Octurion Battleship and Bin'Tak Dreadnought, as well as specialty units like the G'Karith, Dag'Kar, Dargan, and Maximus. Also includes background information on the war and extensive historical data on the Narn and Centauri races, plus rules for minefields, special officers, hexless movement, and semi-plotted movement!


Of Aliens and Giants

FA-1013 OF ALIENS AND GIANTS focuses on the Shadows and Vorlons, including background material and all the rules needed to play these First Ones in your Fleet Action games! Also included are three of the League races - the Brakiri Syndicracy, Drazi Freehold, and Vree Guilds! 124 pages of Fleet Action fun!


Fleet Action Book Set

All four of the Fleet Action books (the Core Rules, My Enemy...My Ally, To the Victor, and Of Aliens and Giants) - basically the entire Fleet Action game - for the price of three books!



REINFORCEMENTS: Additional counters and maps for either Babylon 5 Wars or Fleet Action! If you want to play Fleet Action without miniatures, this is the product for you! Includes a map sheet plus counters for Earth, Narn, Minbari, Centauri, and League units.



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Hex Map

This is a blue 2-piece 42x30 hex map for use with Fleet Action, B5W, or any other space combat game. If ordering the Reinforcements pack (above), note that it includes one of these maps.


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