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Agents of Gaming Order AOG Products Online!

Babylon 5 Wars Minbari Federation Miniatures (Fleet Action Scale)

Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. Paints, brushes, glue, etc. are not included.


Hello, you've found AOG's old online mail order page, now managed by me, Agent One! Although AOG has closed, I bought out most of its leftover inventory and continue to offer it for sale online.

YES, I'M STILL TAKING ORDERS! However, I outlasted AOG's old shopping cart provider, who went out of business on 31 January 2013! As a result, the online store was moved to the following location effective 1 February 2013:

Agent One's Online Sales Page

The new site is powered by Amazon, so I expect it'll be less likely to unexpectedly close. With Amazon handling sales, you can be completely confident of your online security when ordering. The new site should be much easier to navigate, more accurate with shipping charge calculations, and easier to use. Plus, you now order items individually instead of using the old blister pack configuration. So if you only want one Fleet Action ship, you only have to get one, not four or six or whatever the pack used to come with. Fighters can also be ordered on a stand-by-stand basis.

If for some reason it doesn't work for you but you'd still like to order, you can always email me by clicking here. I'm sure we can work something out.

Otherwise, enjoy the new store and have fun shopping!

Minbari Sharlin War Cruiser

The primary warship of the Minbari Federation, the Sharlin is as deadly as it is beautiful.


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Minbari White Star (4/pack)

This advanced attack frigate uses a combination of Minbari and Vorlon technology in a uniquely maneuverable and powerful package.


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Minbari Tinashi War Frigate (3/pack)

These heavy combat vessels make excellent support ships and escorts for heavier Sharlins and other Minbari cruisers.


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Minbari Leshath Heavy Scout (2/pack)

These huge scouts are among the most powerful ELINT ships in known space. Only the First Ones can produce more electronic support.


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Minbari Nial Heavy Fighters (18/pack)

Armed with three heavy guns and defended by a jammer, the Nial is one of the deadliest fighters in known space.


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Minbari Tishat Medium Fighters (18/pack)

An older Minbari fighter type, the Tishat has less firepower than the Nial, but is more maneuverable.


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Minbari Flyers (18/pack)

These shuttles are used for a variety of missions, including transport, scouting, and the occasional combat run.


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Minbari Tigara Attack Cruiser (2/pack)

An unusual Minbari ship, the Tigara is designed for close-in fighting, where it can rip enemy ships apart with its antimatter guns.


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Minbari Neshatan Gunship (2/pack)

The Minbari equivalent of an EarthForce Nova Dreadnought, the Neshatan mounts a huge number of neutron cannons.


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Minbari Torotha Assault Frigate (4/pack)

This frigate is used for ground attacks, delivering troops to any location by simply landing at the desired site.


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Minbari Morshin Carrier (2/pack)

These specialized carriers are designed to deliver up to 48 fighters to any battlefield.


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Minbari Troligan Armored Cruiser (2/pack)

An older Minbari hull, the heavily armored Troligan is known for its use of the gravity net, a weapon that can move enemy ships elsewhere on the battlefield.


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Minbari Federation Squadron Box

This box gives you an entire squadron of Minbari ships and fighters at a special price! Included are the following: 1 Sharlin War Cruiser, 2 Tinashi War Frigates, 1 Leshath Heavy Scout, 4 White Stars, and 5 Nial Flights (30 fighters).


Minbari Federation Squadron Box

This box provides a secondary squadron intended to support the basic one (above). Included are the following: 2 Neshatan Gunships, 3 Tigara Attack Cruisers, 4 Torotha Assault Frigates, and 3 Nial Flights (18 fighters).